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Baccarat Cheat Sheet

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Welcome back the site that gives you the knowledge about baccarat that you need to make the most of your gambling experience. Todayís lesson involves what I like to call a baccarat cheat sheet. Now thatís not to say that Iím going to tell you how to cheat! Remember back in school when you were studying for a test? Well here, weíre studying baccarat and the best way to do that is to make yourself a baccarat cheat sheet. So get out your paper and pencil (or your PDA if thatís how you like to do it), and get ready to take some serious notes!

In order to make a baccarat cheat sheet, youíve got to have a test, right? So Iím going to give you one. Iíll be asking the 10 most common questions about baccarat, and youíll have the chance to answer them. What youíll end up with at the end is a good concise baccarat cheat sheet to use when you feel a little lacking knowledge. OK? Here goes:

1. Over time, the Bankerís hand will:
  1. Lose more than it will win.
  2. Win the same number of times as it will lose.
  3. Win more than it loses.
2. Your biggest decision as a player is:
  1. After receiving your first two cards, should you stand or draw another card?
  2. Should you bet on a tie, on the banker or on the player?
  3. Should you take a loss on half your bet after your first two cards?
3. When playing baccarat you can get more for your money at:
  1. Regular baccarat.
  2. Mini baccarat.
  3. Theyíre both the same in the end.
4. Over time, the Playerís hand will:
  1. Win more times than it loses.
  2. Lose more times than it wins.
  3. Win the about the same number of times as it will lose.
5. The winning baccarat hand has to:
  1. Be a poker hand that would win every time.
  2. Total as close to 9 points as possible.
  3. Be a poker hand that would lose every time.
6. At a casino, the house edge is:
  1. About 1.06% on the Banker bet.
  2. About 14% on the Banker bet.
  3. The same for any bet.
7. With mini-baccarat, the game is different because:
  1. Only two decks of cards are used.
  2. Itís not any different.
  3. It moves faster, since a Dealer deals all the cards.
8. Counting cards in baccarat:
  1. Increases your overall edge.
  2. Makes no difference.
  3. Increases your edge in some situations.
9. The smartest baccarat bet is:
  1. To bet on the banker.
  2. To bet on the player.
  3. To bet on a tie.
10. When playing baccarat, itís good to bet on a tie:
  1. With every hand.
  2. If you havenít seen a tie for about 10 hands.
  3. Itís never good to bet on a tie.

Thatís it for the test. Now you should have a great baccarat cheat sheet to work from. What do you mean weíre not finished yet? Aha! I thought I had you fooled. You know you canít have a complete baccarat cheat sheet unless I give you the correct answers! Are you sure youíre finished the test? I donít want you filling in your baccarat cheat sheet by just scrolling down here and taking the short cut. It needs to be filled in honestly, so if you havenít really finished the test, get back up there and finish it now!

OK. Now Iíll give you the answers. In the same order as the questions, the answers are:
C, B, A, B, B, A, C, C, A, C.
There you have it! You should have a complete baccarat cheat sheet to refer to whenever you want to. The next time youíre on your way to a casino, just take it out and do a quick review. Now you have Georgeís best bet for winning at baccarat; knowledge! Iíd love it if you could hang around for a while yet, and take in all the information I can give you. Then youíre on your own, so have fun at the nearest baccarat table, and say hi to the dealer for me!


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