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Hi and welcome to my web site. Iím George, also known as the Baccarat-Guru. Iím here today to share with you my knowledge of baccarat gambling. As the Guru, I have amassed so much information about baccarat that I have to share it with someone, and youíre that someone today. If I didnít have this web site to use for giving lessons, Iíd have to write a book about baccarat gambling because thereís only so much room in my head for this stuff! But youíll have to agree that the web is a much better place to reach the gambling public, right? So get ready to take a quick ride down the path of knowledge with the Guru, and learn as much as you can before heading out to the casinos!

Playing baccarat is just one of games associated with cards that youíll find when you head out into the world. Itís a game thatís been around for over 500 years in one form or another. It used to be that you had to be rich and famous to be able to do any baccarat gambling, but no more. This game has become one of the most popular in the world and itís fast becoming the case that itís no longer associated with the casino royalty behind a velvet rope clad in tuxedos and evening gowns. There are newer, faster-paced and less formal variations on the traditional game popping up here and there, the most popular being mini-baccarat. With this version, the need to get all dressed up and to have a gigantic bank account is gone. Anyone who wants to can take part without all the stress of the high-stakes game that used to be reserved for the very wealthy. And you can learn more about it on my mini-baccarat page.

Now old George here has had more than his share of experience at baccarat gambling, and you know that Iím willing to share. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give is for you to try out my free baccarat game here on this site. It will give you a great feel for the game, and you wonít have to worry about anyone but yourself. Thereís no one to make you feel like you have to play at a certain pace, or bet a certain way. You can truly learn at your own speed. There is no substitute for this kind of learning. Keep reading, and Iíll tell you some tales of big wins and huge losses at the game of baccarat.

Iíve been around, and Iíve seen a lot. You can take it from George that baccarat gambling is a pretty risky venture. Sometimes itís worth it and sometimes not. One of the most interesting things Iíve heard about is when the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas opened one of the first baccarat tables in the U.S. Apparently within the first few hours, the casino operators lost over $250,000! One fellow (a Texas rancher if Iím correct) won over $170,000 of that himself! I also remember reading about a high-stakes session in London England where a certain high-roller lost an amazing $1.5 Million! There was also the time in Nevada where a group of Japanese businessmen lost a total of $2 Million over a week of baccarat gambling. So you can see how risky it can be!

But donít be put off by the horror stories because I also have it on good authority that there was once a lovely young Chinese woman who parlayed a $200 bet into $250,000 in winnings over a week of baccarat gambling in several Las Vegas casinos! So itís not all bad. There is much money to be made at baccarat gambling, but also so much to be lost, so make sure you keep on your toes (even though youíll be sitting when you play!).

Baccarat is a great game to learn, and youíll be certain to impress all your friends with the knowledge youíve gathered from my site. But remember that even though youíre on your way to becoming a baccarat expert like me, thereís still a lot of information for me to share with you. Youíll also have to remind your friends that even though you know how to play baccarat, it doesnít mean that youíre as wealthy as the traditional high-class baccarat player of old! On the path of baccarat knowledge, Iíve been happy to be your host while youíve been with me. Just remember to look me up if you feel the need for learning. Good old George is here to share the wealth (of knowledge that is!). Now get out there, and enjoy some good old baccarat gambling for me, wonít you?


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