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Hi there and welcome to the Guruís page about how to win baccarat. By now you know me well and you can call my George if you like, but my friends just call me Guru. Iím here to share my knowledge about the game of baccarat, and if possible, give you a great chance to win baccarat when you play it. This is one of the older games at the casino, but donít be put off by that, itís also one of the simplest to learn. So let George here take you on a little trip down the path to baccarat knowledge. Sit back and relax because if you donít find what you want on this page, there are plenty more for you to take a look at; and youíre quite welcome to spend as much time as you like at my site.

Now if you want to play baccarat, itís a pretty sure thing that you also want to win baccarat. Am I right? I knew I was. Baccarat is a really simple game to learn (just go to my how to play baccarat page to find out more about that), with just 3 types of bets to make, and only 2 hands being played at one time. Itís often thought of as very similar to Blackjack, and it is, but much easier to learn. The two games are somewhat alike in that thereís a dealer who has a hand that you play against, but in order to win baccarat, you donít have to have a better hand than the dealer, because you can bet that the dealer will win. And if youíre at the baccarat table, you donít actually have a hand dealt to you to get in on the action. Since only one player plays at a time, you can sit back and watch and place bets on either hand. When you win baccarat that means that the hand you bet on reached a total point value of 9 before the other hand did. On my baccarat rules page, you can find out all about how the point values and bets work.

I hope I donít give you any ideas here on my site about cheating. If youíve ever been to a casino, you know that cheating is not a way to win baccarat. And if you play online, well thereís just no way to cheat since itís all computer controlled. Many a gambler has tried to cheat a casino in order to win baccarat, but very few have ever succeeded. Apparently baccarat attracts a lot of cheaters because of the high stakes involved. Some people think that by doing some quick switcheroos with the cards, theyíll be able to win baccarat, but with the Caller and two Dealers there to keep an eye on the action, itís not something you want to try.

Since mini-baccarat is starting to replace the traditional more formal version in the casinos, there is a lot less cheating going on. Mini-baccarat is a much more casual game and much faster-paced than its big brother. In fact, I have a page on mini-baccarat on my site that youíre welcome to read. Since casinos want to attract as many patrons as possible, theyíve started to move away from the traditional game and towards this new variation. Now youíll find lots more people of all types who want to win baccarat, and youíll find them having a great time at the mini-baccarat tables.

I hope Iíve been able to fill you in on some of the ins and outs of baccarat and how to win when you play. Did you know that Iíve got a free baccarat game here on this site where you can practice? Take my advice, and give it a try. Itís the best way to learn this game, and get the most out of your time when you go to the casino. George the Baccarat-Guru only wants to share the knowledge, and give you a great place to start when playing baccarat for the first time. I hope youíve gotten what you need from this page, and be sure to check out as many as you want here on my site. Then go out and enjoy yourself!

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