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Good day to you. Iím glad you could join me at This page is all about baccarat strategies. By now you know me as the Guru, and you know Iím going to show you the way to gambling enjoyment. I hope youíll feel free to get as comfortable as you want, so you can easily absorb all of the knowledge that Iím going to share with you. Put your feet up and open your ears (take notes if you like); here we go.

When it comes to smart betting, youíve definitely picked the right game. Baccarat has about the lowest house edge of any game at the casino. When youíre looking at picking up some baccarat strategies, youíll want to know about the percentages. If you came to this page without knowing about the rules, you can go to my how to play baccarat page and my baccarat rules page to get the low-down, then come back here for the baccarat strategies session.

On a Banker bet, the house edge in baccarat is only 1.06%, and on a Player bet itís a bit higher, at 1.24%. Now those odds can only be beat by a few of the bets you can make in Craps. To win at any casino game, you have to stay away from the bad bets, and one of the best baccarat strategies is to definitely stay away from the Tie bet in this game. The house percentage for this bet is a huge 14.36%! The only ones who will put money on that bet are either independently wealthy, or are used to burning or flushing their money away without a care in the world. Even if you can find a table that pays 9 to 1 on the Tie bet, the best baccarat strategy is to stay away. At 9 to 1, it still carries a house edge of 4.84%. So take it from me, donít ever make the Tie bet in baccarat. If you want my opinion (do you really have a choice here?), this only makes baccarat an easier game to play and enjoy, because you donít have to worry about all sorts of bets, and when to make them. Your best baccarat strategies always say to stick with two bets per hand; what could be easier except the slots?

Another one of the common baccarat strategies Iíve read about is where you look for patterns in the results of the hands. One thing youíre sure to notice when you first sit down at a baccarat table is your fellow players marking little Xís and Oís on a score card. Lots of players follow this and other baccarat strategies, and it all seems to come down to ritual, tradition, and the most common thing in a casino: superstition. Now Iím going to try to steer you in the right direction here. Think about the fact that you have 8 decks of cards randomly shuffled together. The incidence of patterns in the card sequence has got to be well, slim to none to use a common phrase. But donít get me wrong here, Iím not saying you should sit down next to a player with a scorecard going, and try to put her off her method. Most players will tell you that theyíve got some baccarat strategies that really work for them. I think it would be better to just pick up a card and join in for the sake of friendliness. You and I know that there really arenít any patterns there; and do you really think the casinos would hand out charts and pencils for free if there was anything to it?

Well, there you have it. Now you have my advice to you about some common baccarat strategies. You know the Guruís been around the block a few times, so he knows what heís talking about. I hope you paid attention and took notes; you never know when you might need a refresher. But you also know that Iím always here, waiting for new students to drop in for a drink at the fountain of baccarat knowledge. I really have nothing better to do than show prospective gamblers the way to casino enjoyment, and I really enjoy doing it. I hope youíve had a good time here, and please remember to come back for more, or check out the other pages on; your source for baccarat information on the internet!


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