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Hi! And welcome the Guruís free online baccarat page. You know that old George here is going to give you all the help he can, so you can become an expert baccarat player, just like the Guru. I have graciously provided for you here, a game of free online baccarat that you may use to hone your skills. If you follow the Way of the Guru, youíll be able to impress all your friends by using the knowledge that youíve gained here on my baccarat site. So sit back and enjoy this lesson, where you get to try out my free game if you get a bit bored.

Now there are lots of ways to enjoy gambling at baccarat. Of course thereís the casino, where you can get right into the thick of things and play with some high stakes players at the baccarat table. There are various online versions of baccarat that involve other players in other parts of the world, playing along with you from the comfort of their own homes. There is also software you can download and play on your computer that does a pretty good job of simulating the environment at a casino.

But here, Iím going to let you in on something that can help you get the experience you need to enjoy yourself when youíre playing with others. Itís my free online baccarat game. Now if you just clicked on that link, Iím talking to someone thatís not listening to me, so when you come back, we can pick up in the next paragraphÖ

Welcome back! If youíve never played baccarat before, my free game is a great way for you to learn whatís what in this classy game. Youíll get a feel for how the table is laid out, how many players you might expect to join you at the casino, how to bet, and youíll be able to pick up the rules too. Free online baccarat is a bit different than the experience youíd have at a casino. There arenít any distractions to make you lose your focus, and itíll just be a heck of a lot quieter (that is if you like it that way!). Since youíre playing from the comfort of your own home, you can decide if you want to crank up the tunes, or just put on some gentle classical music. You have the power to control the environment when youíre playing my free online baccarat game. So kick off your shoes, put your feet up and grab a cool drink if you want. You can even play naked for all I know (Iíll never see you!).

It wasnít that long ago that there were no free online baccarat games available on the Ďnet. The one Iíve got here is one of the few. This game is set up to let you learn at your own pace, without the distractions of a casino or an online game. You can feel comfortable taking your time figuring out a bet, because that dealer is going to stand there for as long as it takes. He doesnít need to take a break or go home at the end of a shift; so take my advice and take all the time you need while youíre playing my free online baccarat game, because the experience you gain here will serve you well when you decide to venture into a casino and try out the real thing.

So take it from George, the Baccarat-Guru; your time playing my free online baccarat game will really pay off in the long run. I know you have learned well from the Guru, and I hope youíll find the path to baccarat knowledge a smooth one, and not very long. Youíre welcome to stick around and check out the other pages on my site, where youíll get all the information you need to make you a top-notch baccarat player in no time flat! Good luck out there!

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