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Hello! George the Baccarat-Guru is back for more lessons on Baccarat! Iím glad you came to my ďclassroomĒ today, because Iím giving a lesson on baccarat systems to all who want to listen. By now, you know that the Way of the Guru is the way to gambling enjoyment, and the way to make the most of your time at the casino or playing baccarat online. So take a load off your feet, and get ready for a serious discussion of the ins and outs of baccarat systems.

There arenít many baccarat systems out there, but old George has done some digging around, and Iíve come up with some good facts on this subject. If youíve found any baccarat systems that wonít fail and will put the big winnings in your pocket every time you play, you might want to tell old George here about it, because after all my searching, I havenít come up with one thatís a sure thing. On second thought, if you do come up with one of those baccarat systems that claims to be a miracle, just keep it to yourself, because itís probably a scam.

One of the things you can do around using baccarat systems when you play is to use something Iíve heard about, called the 1-3-2-6 baccarat system. This is a mathematical approach to controlling your betting during sets of 4 hands. For example, letís say you want to bet in units of $5. So how it goes is that on the 1st bet, you bet 1x your chosen betting unit ($5). If you win that hand, youíll have $10, so add another unit to make a total of 3 units ($15), win that hand, youíll have $30 on the table (6 units)! Take away 4 units, leaving you with 2 ($10), and if you win that hand, youíll have 4 units ($20), so add two more units (for a total of 6 or $60) on the table. Then on the 4th hand if you win youíll have $120 in front of you! Now this might sound like one of those complex baccarat systems, but itís really a safe way to go. Notice I only talked about winning every hand? Well, if you use this system, youíre really cutting your losses. So if you lose the first bet, you only lose one unit. If you win the first hand and lose the second, you've only lost two units. If you win the second hand but lose the third, youíre ahead by two units. If you win the first three hands but lose the fourth, you break even. If you lose the second hand five out of six times, and then win four consecutive hands once, you break even. So itís not foolproof, but it is a really safe way to go if you donít want to loose your shirt.

Another popular notion about baccarat systems is to use card-counting. Since Baccarat is a game where the cards are dealt from a ďshoeĒ containing several decks of cards shuffled together, there are those who will say that this is the way to go. Since math doesnít lie, there is something to the card-counting type of baccarat systems. Even so; though the odds change whenever a card is removed from the deck, the odds change by such a small amount that even if youíve got a photographic memory, itís not enough to swing the odds much towards you at all. About the only thing you can do if youíre new to this, or just canít keep track of all this, is just to watch for the 4ís and 6ís as they leave the shoe. Statistics have shown that when a 6 leaves the deck, itís a better to be betting on the player, and when 4ís leave the deck, the banker bet is smarter.

So as you can see, the Guru has done his homework! Now itís time to do yours. I hope youíve paid attention to this lesson from George, the Baccarat-Guru, and you use the knowledge well. My intention is to help you to have the best time you can when gambling online or at a casino, so get out there, and have some fun!


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