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A big Hello to the followers of the Guru! On this page, Iím going to go over the ins and outs of how to play baccarat online. Let George show you what he knows (and that is a lot!), and pretty soon, youíll be playing baccarat like a pro. Iíve had lots of students through my website; some have gone on to make the big bucks at the casinos, and some have dropped by the wayside. I know itís not easy to listen to me go on and on about online baccarat, but believe me, if you stick with it, youíll come out with a great knowledge base that can take you wherever you want to go.

Now you may have tried online gambling before, so you might know a thing or two about online baccarat. It works the way most internet gambling does. There are some free games of baccarat online that only have you and the banker. In fact I have one right here on this site. Just click here. These games can be very useful for learning whatís what at the baccarat table. When youíre playing in such a controlled environment you donít have to worry about any distractions to make you lose focus. That dealer will wait as long as you want before you decide what you want to do. Heís not going anywhere, and he doesnít have any other players to worry about, so you can take your time and learn as you go.

If youíve ever been to a casino or listened to someone talking about their experiences in Vegas youíll find that playing baccarat online is quite a bit quieter than the casino version. This really can make all the difference to some people, especially if theyíre new to baccarat. With online baccarat, you can put on some nice music, sit back in a comfortable chair, and take your time; none of which you can to do at a casino. Now, baccarat is a pretty relaxed game as far as gambling goes - not to say that there isnít some real tension in the air when the stakes get high; but it doesnít come close to something like craps for thrills and a party-like atmosphere.

Not that long ago, if you wanted to play baccarat online, the available games werenít very sophisticated. Recently, theyíve developed some aspects that can make it seem much more like the real thing. Most online baccarat games have the sounds youíd expect to hear while playing; like the chips moving around on the table, and the sound of the cards being dealt. These things really help make the online experience more realistic, and give you the feeling that youíre really there.

If you go ahead and play some baccarat online for a while, youíll find that youíre really starting to get the hang of it enough that youíd feel comfortable in a casino in no time. Youíll have the thrill of playing with others, and the rush that comes from winning big! Those big winnings can be just as exciting as playing at a casino, only you have to wait Ďtil you get your check in the mail. A small price to pay for the excitement of playing baccarat from the comfort of your own home!

Well I hope youíve had a good time learning from the Guru! Iíve given you a good start here, and now youíre free to visit the other pages on my site. You know you can learn a lot from an expert like me; thatís why Iím known as George the Baccarat-Guru! Good luck in your gambling endeavors!


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