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Welcome back to another baccarat lesson from the Guru. George is my name, and you can call me that, or just Guru is fine too. This time Iím going to share all my baccarat tips with you so that you can be on your way to making the most of your time at a casino or playing baccarat online. The Guru wants his followers to be successful in what they do, no matter what. So pull up a chair, and pay attention; my baccarat tips have just what it takes to get you going at the baccarat table.

Iím sure you know by now that baccarat is a great game for anyone who wants to play a simple guessing game that doesnít require much - if any - strategy. All you have to do is decide whether to bet on the player or the banker. As far as baccarat tips go, I can sure tell you that this is a game with a small house edge. That means that the casino doesnít make a heck of a lot off your bets, and thatís a rarity these days. The edge is only 1.06% for banker bets, and 1.24% for player bets. The only thing that goes against this is the tie bet. You can bet that the banker and player will tie, and make 8-1 odds, but the house edge on this bet is an astounding 14.36%! So one of the best baccarat tips I can give you is to stay away from the tie bet. You might just lose your shirtÖ and your tie!

Now when youíre going to play some baccarat, a good thing to do is to look for the games that have a 4% commission on the banker bets. Anyone whoís got any baccarat tips for you will say that this is a winner, because the house edge on those banker bets is only 0.60% which makes it a very smart bet. When you find this kind of a deal, just remember to keep enough cash on hand to pay those commissions on the winning banker bets, otherwise you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

As far as baccarat tips go, one of the best is to make sure you give mini-baccarat a try. The rules are the same, but some of the betting limits and the surroundings are different. Itís certainly a little less intimidating. Mini-baccarat is a much less formal affair than Chemin de Fer, and you donít have to worry about dressing up (especially if you lost your shirt and tie on that Tie bet!). The mini-baccarat tables also tend to have a range of levels of formalities, so you can start off small, and work your way up. So youíll also find a range of betting limits and dress codes.

The last of the baccarat tips is the best in my books. When you go to an upscale casino, and you really want the full-on experience, donít deny yourself the pleasure of the baccarat pit. Youíll need to make sure youíre dressed for it, so a good idea would be to call ahead and check on the dress code. But once youíve experienced a true formal baccarat pit, youíll have an idea of how the casino royalty really live.

So there you have them. The Guruís baccarat tips. You know Iíve been around, so you can trust my judgment on this subject. Now you have added another level to your knowledge of baccarat, and can continue to make your way along the path to gambling greatness, secure in the knowledge that you learned from the best! And now, let George the Baccarat-Guru take a break from his teachings and you go out and enjoy your new-found baccarat knowledge. Have fun!


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