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Well Hello! Iíd like to welcome you to the home of internet Baccarat knowledge. Iím George, known to all my students as the Baccarat-Guru. Iíve got lots of knowledge to share with you, and if you pay attention, youíll be a top-notch Baccarat player in no time at all. Baccarat is known around the world as one of the classiest casino games there is, but it wasnít always that way. So stick around, pull up a comfy chair, and relax. That way, youíll have an easy time taking in all I have to tell you about internet Baccarat.

If you take the time to look around on my site, youíll find out lots of things you didnít know about Baccarat. Some of my pages will tell you about rules, systems and strategies, as well as mini Baccarat, the cards and the free Baccarat game Iíve got here on my site. If thereís anything Iíve left out, just , and Iíll be happy to help you out. Iím going to fill you in on the details about internet Baccarat, the online version of that classy and cool card game where you can usually find the richest of the rich playing for high stakes. You may have heard of this game referred to as "Punto Banco" or "Chemin de Fer". The second name is the one it most commonly goes by today. Itís been a common game in Europe and Latin America for a long time, but only began to get popular in North America in the 1940ís. On the internet Baccarat has been around since the beginning, and has always been a popular online gambling game.

I guess Iíll just give you a brief idea of the history of the game here, and on my other pages you can get more in-depth information on the various aspects of internet Baccarat. The present-day versions of Baccarat and Chemin de Fer are the French variations of an Italian game called Baccara. It was first introduced to France at the end of the 15th century, where it was a favorite of the French nobility. It didnít make its way into European casinos until many years later. How could they possibly imagine that one day there would be internet Baccarat sites all over the Ďnet?

The first appearance of Baccarat in North America was under its original name (Baccara) in about 1911; and by 1912, there were many tables showing up around the country. It didnít last long though, because another game pushed it out of the spotlight. That game was Blackjack, which is quite similar in a lot of ways. Baccarat had been around since the Twenties, played by the wealthy in Palm Beach, Florida, but it wasnít until the 1940ís that Baccarat took off over here. And there wasnít a Baccarat table in Las Vegas until 1958, when the Star Dust Hotel opened the first legalized game of Chemin de Fer in the country.

Well, as they say, the rest is history! And on the internet Baccarat has become just as popular as in the casinos around the world. I hope youíll stick with the Guru, and let me show you the Way, because Iíve got a lot to share with you. Remember, if you get a bit restless during my lessons, just check out the free Baccarat game thatís on my site. That should take your mind off things for long enough, and then you can come back to class. Enjoy your time here!

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